Social media is changing the rules for how individuals and communities communicate. Its impact can be both positive and negative. For the safety and security of urban areas and the people who live in them this presents a range of opportunities and challenges.

How can law enforcement agencies and public security planners better understand the ways social media are being employed around them? And how can these agencies and organisation adapt to and adopt the use of social media in their delivery of a safer, more secure urban community?

Through active research and a series of practitioner workshops MEDI@4SEC is a developing network of law enforcement agencies and public security planners which can share experience and improve the use of social media in everyday public security practice.


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Workshop 2: Policing the Dark Web

Tuesday 26th September 2017

Content on the Dark Web has been intentionally concealed and users can surf it anonymously. This makes the Dark Web a digital space that facilitates not only legitimate activities, but “high tech” and organized crime as well. The crimes fostered by the Dark Web have a negative impact on the physical public safety. Who should be involved in fighting crime on the Dark Web? How should these actors be organized and operate? Which capabilities, resources and innovations are to be developed to limit the impact of the Dark Web on physical public safety? These questions will be addressed through a creative and open-minded dialogue.


  • DIY Policing
    Berlin, Germany
    10th January 2017
  • Riots & Mass Gatherings
    Athens, Greece
    May 2017

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