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Citizens have questions for law enforcement agencies but typically do not ask, because it is cumbersome to do so.

Therefore, LEAs answer citizen question in special (mostly chat) sessions and provide answers to frequently asked questions online or through an app.

  • Ask the Police (UK): Website and app information resource containing answers to a wide variety of the general public’s most frequently asked policing questions. “The website provides links to relevant national organisations plus the facility to rate the answer and email a specific question directly which will be answered within 24 working hours. Police forces are able to input additional local police information and advice for the benefit of their communities.” (Source:
  • The website in the Netherlands, includes chatrooms and almost weekly theme sessions on certain crime types.
  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) run Twitter hours where the public can ask questions and seek advice from police. The most regular Twitter hour is with the Chief Constable @ChiefConPSNI, using the hashtag #AskChiefCon. These are run twice a year. Other command teams at District Level also run their own twitter hours.
  • The Belgian @CrisisCenterBE was replying to citizens during the Brussels bombing and at the same time would used Twitter and Facebook to spread valuable information for 2-4 weeks after the attacks.
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