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The use of social media during the day requires officers to have mobile internet.

Therefore, LEAs equip their officers with smart phones or tablets with mobile internet access.

  • Increasingly LEAs equip every officer with a mobile device.
  • One concept is to make street cops effective on the street:
  • The Guardia Civil in Spain, for example, has deployed 3000 mobile units to allow officers to remotely access vital information at anytime.
  • Some organizations hand out additional devices for social media use. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) uses iPads and iPhones to post and engage on social media. PSNI officers and staff do not have access to social media on their common terminals or through their work issued Blackberry devices. Districts and Departments within PSNI have been responsible for purchasing devices for their own users. PSNI iPads are set up by PSNI ICS (Information Communication Systems) to prevent downloads of unapproved apps. Devices are also enrolled on Airwatch, a system which enables location, remote wiping and remote password reset. A recent issue encountered is that first and second generation iDevices are no longer compatible with current apps resulting in the need to purchase new devices. Ideally PSNI would like to find a long term and cost efficient solution to replacing devices.
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