Image Source: Twitter/"Beacons of Hope" Paper


In crisis situations there are people seeking resources and other’s who want to provide them.

Therefore, LEAs use social media as a platform that connect seekers with people who can help. People e.g. might look for temporary housing, medical resources, etc. and post such needs. Organizations or individuals providing resources can post that too. There is the danger of such system to be abused by third parties who have other interests (terrorist seeking a place to hide).

  • During the Haiti Earthquake 2010 twitter became a tool for de-central coordination:
    • In: Learning from on-the-ground medical twitterers during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Aleksandra Sarcevic, Leysia Palen, Joanne White, Kate Starbird, Mossaab Bagdouri and Kenneth Anderson.
  • During the Munich 2016 shooting, public transport was stopped and people from outside the city could not leave and needed a place to stay. Through twitter, people offered their homes for temporary stays.
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