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Using social media requires new knowledge and skills.

Therefore, LEAs run trainings and have simulated environments to make officers familiar on how to make best use of it.

  • One way of training are simulate postings on social media by creating messages and contents that a LEA would post, e.g. for a TWEETATHON. This allows to review the created messages in terms of content and style. Zurich police prepared their TWEETATHON like that.
  • Aside from internal training, there are Blab video conferences (search blab & police on Twitter):
  • The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) runs social media awareness and Hootsuite training for every social media user. Social media users only receive access to Hootsuite after training is completed. At the time of writing, the PSNI Digital Hub are currently working with District Trainers to design and implement a refresher training package for established social media users. The Digital Hub also anticipate creating practice FB and Twitter pages for social media users to practice in during training sessions.
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