Riots & Mass Gatherings

Athens, Greece

Tuesday 9th May 2017

Social media platforms are playing an increasing role in the planning and evolution of recent mass gatherings. They have enabled citizens to organise themselves more swiftly and effectively through the frictionless distribution of timely information. Whilst this provides law enforcement agencies and their partners with an opportunity to monitor crowds and communicate directly with citizens it has been suggested they are playing catch-up in these situations.

Using examples from a number of mass gathering situations this workshop will explore the potential uses and consequences of social media involving large crowds before, during and after an incident or event. Important questions for security professionals in these contexts include:

  • How to best use information gathered via social media to predict and plan before events;
  • How to use social media to assist their policing both in gathering real-time intelligence and in communicating with participants to ensure security during events these incidents;
  • How can LEAs and their partners utilise social media to gather intelligence in criminal investigations after such events?

The workshop will examine these important questions through a number of real situations, the social media practices that are utilised, and the specific challenges they present:

  • Large-scale events (e.g. parades, festivals, sporting events) where large numbers of people congregate for a particular activity and can be targeted by criminals or terrorist.
  • Protests, demonstrations and riots where civilians can mobilise and organise themselves into groups quickly and where social media can enable them to coordinate their movements.
  • Coping with mass migration, an increasing challenge across Europe, which often leads to mass gatherings or encampments that can persist for weeks or even months.


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