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Riots & Mass Gatherings

Athens, Greece

9th May 2017

Social media platforms are playing an increasing role in the planning and evolution of recent mass gatherings. They have enabled citizens to organise themselves more swiftly and effectively through the frictionless distribution of timely information. Whilst this provides law enforcement agencies and their partners with an opportunity to monitor crowds and communicate directly with citizens it has been suggested they are playing catch-up in these situations.

This workshop explored the challenges and opportunities for LEAs, municipal authorities and other stakeholders in harnessing the social media as a tool in ensuring public security during such events and incidents.

Available below are the presentations from our keynote speakers together with the reports which provide a more detailed record and analysis of the discussions during the workshop.

“I was very interested to understand the potential of social media in terms of reassurance, gaining trust and improving relationships between communities and the Police. It’s really difficult to talk about these kinds of topics and it changed our point of view.”Workshop participant